I Have It Maid

I Have It Maid
Alex Wolfgram, Nick Vaky
2014 / U.S. / 67min


I Have it Maid is a documentary that talks with runaway domestic household workers from the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam to learn about the reasons and situations associated with their fleeing. The film then focuses on a specific case about a Filipina named Vicky, who after years of working 24/7 on call with almost no time off, decides to run away from her employer out of desperation.


Directed by Alex Wolfgram and Nick Vaky, the two former graduate students of NCCU in Taiwan trace Vicky’s life from the Philippines when she was hired from her original broker all the way throughout her life in Taiwan in order to understand how her life ended up the way it did. The film incorporates interviews with brokers in addition to ones with various scholars, NGOs and politicians from both Taiwan and the Philippines to give viewers a comprehensive understanding of the structures and issues that most people believe are causing the workers to flee. I Have it Maid then concludes with suggestions as to how to improve the phenomenon of runaway workers for both the betterment of their lives in Taiwan as well as Taiwan’s society.


After backpacking across the world, Alex ended up in Taiwan where he lived for over 7 years and graduated from NCCU (政大) with a master degree in Asia Pacific Studies (亞太研究所) and an advanced degree in Chinese Mandarin. In his spare time Alex finds enjoyment with photography, making documentaries and helping people learn healthy living tips. He currently acts as director of Spring Forest Qigong.

Nick Vaky grew up on the island of Maui, he attended university at Emerson College in Boston for film production and received a masters in international communications from National Cheng Chi University in Taipei.

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