The Diseased City

The Diseased City
Ammar Aziz
2013 / Pakistan / 13min

While crossing the ugly, narrow streets one finds countless small, wooden doors, almost on every wall. They are sometimes locked from the outside, but you can hear a continuous, disturbing noise echoing from these rooms. This haunting noise is the outcome of those power looms that run with the sweat and blood of tens of thousands of workers. If you dare to enter any of the small rooms, you would feel as though you have entered a machine.


Speak out for the working class of Pakistan. A graduate of Lahore's National College of Arts, he was the only filmmaker from Pakistan to be selected in 2012 for the Talent Campus of the Berlin International Film Festival. He was selected for his documentary about the power-loom workers of Faisalabad which was also screened at the Solidar Silver Rose Award 2011in Brussels. His documentary about the home-based women workers of Hyderabad has been screened at several labour film festivals in the USA and Europe. He was also featured in the documentary film Taqwacore.

He debuted with a song called Inqalab with the popular Socialist band Laal as a singer and composer while the lyrics were written by his mother. The song was received well by the audiences, media and critics.

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