Generation Jobless

Generation Jobless
Sharon Bartlett, Maria Lerose
2013 / Canada / 43min


Generation Jobless explores the crisis of overeducated youths being underemployed – scraping by in low-paid, part-time jobs that do not require a degree just to pay off their debt, while struggling to find 'real' jobs. Some call them "the lost generation", but it is not only young people who will pay the price. Youth unemployment and underemployment is a ticking time bomb with consequences for everyone.



Sharon Bartlett

Sharon Bartlett is an acclaimed, west coast documentary filmmaker with over 25 years experience producing and documentaries. She was a producer for 8 years with CBC Television’s flagship. Among her recent credits are: Desperately Seeking Doctors, a CBC Doc Zone documentary that explores the forces at play in the current family doctor crisis, Hyper Parents & Coddled Kids a documentary about the tendency of today’s parents to over-indulge and over-protect their children, and Generation Boomerang, a CBC Doc Zone documentary about the growing number of young adult "kids" returning home to live with mom and dad. Sharon has received national and international recognition for her work including a Gemini Award for best documentary.

Maria Lerose

Maria LeRose is an award winning Television Producer and Interviewer/Host. With over 25 years production experience to her credit, she has traveled the globe as an on-camera journalist, doing interviews and telling people’s stories. Her Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology brings to her work a deep understanding of what makes people tick. Maria is the co-producer/director of the recent Doc Zone documentaries, Desperately Seeing Doctors, Hyper Parents & Coddled Kids, and Generation Boomerang.

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