We Buy, Who Pays?

We Buy, Who Pays?
Lotta Ekelund, Kristina Bjurling
2002 / Sweden / 25min


We Buy, Who Pays? is a documentary about Western companies producing clothes and shoes in developing countries. It shows us the problems with the working conditions, like low wages, forced overtime, health issues, child labour and chemicals destroying land and groundwater.

What can be done to solve these problems?

We visit factories in India and talk to suppliers, labourers, NGOs, and farmers who give their point of view. Do western companies take any responsibility? Leaders for H&M and other big Swedish companies answer the question.



Lotta Ekelund has 15 years experience of radio and film production, and started LottaFilm in year 2000. LottaFilm is mainly producing films around environmental issues and human rights. The films have been shown on Television in Sweden and in other European countries. They are also distributed to schools and organisations in Sweden and internationally.

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