Factory Boy

Factory Boy
Fang Liang
2014 / China / 88min


In 1978 Deng Xiaoping set up Shenzhen as a Special Economic Zone in China, and this decision led to the rapid development of Guangdong economy. Numerous factories have been established, millions of people are attracted because of gold rush. Over 30 years later, young people who were away from their home have already stepped in the midlife. Guangdong has become a representative of job hunting and has been drawing a newly young generation who has faith and uncertainty to the future. This video revolves around three working-class boys who are the 90s generation.


Film Director 

Fang Liang was born in Yueyang, Hunan, China. His is a young director pursuing master degree in filmmaking at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. A winner of Hong Kong Youth Literature Prize in 2014, Fang was nominated for Best Documentary Short at Beijing International Student Film Festival and at Dalian Art Festival. "Factory Boy" won several prices in China and Taiwan.

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