Special Guests

Dave Desario

Dave DeSario is the Executive Producer of the film A Day's Work, the Founding Member of the Alliance for the American Temporary Workforce (AATW), the only group advocating nationally for all temp workers, and a former temp worker himself. He built and maintains the leading online resource for information on the temporary staffing industry atwww.TemporaryEmployees.org and screens A Day's Work as the centerpiece of an effort to raise awareness of critical issues affecting the workforce.

Andrew Friend

US filmmaker Andrew Friend got his start at a small Illinois public access TV station, and built up a skills base at the non-profit organization Chicago Filmmakers. He has worked in Chicago broadcast television since 2002, providing visuals for Emmy-winning series and specials at PBS stations. He now works as an independent cinematographer in Chicago. He provided principal cinematography for the documentary Immigrant Nation! about deportation resister Elvira Arrellano, and also worked with Oscar-winner Haskell Wexler on his 2012 documentary Four Days In Chicago. Friend has produced many episodes for the Midwest TV show Labor Beat, and the PBS series Pedal America.

Friend's film Workers’ Republic documented the victorious December 2008 factory occupation of Republic Windows and Doors by its laid-off employees. It was shown in 7 film festivals, with the Big Muddy Film Fest giving the film the John Michaels Human Rights Film Award in 2010. His recent 2015 feature film Schoolidarity, shown in 5 festivals and counting, documents and critiques the interwoven stories of the 2011 "Wisconsin Uprising" and the 2012 Chicago Teachers Strike.

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